C/ CÓS , 44 - 08241 MANRESA (Barcelona) SPAIN

Tel. 93 876 82 64 - Tel. 93 876 80 64 - Fax 93 876 82 64

E-mail : puatexsl@gmail.com


  Puatex is a company with more than Thirty years of experience in the manufacturing and exporting of reeds for all kind of looms. Our experience and quality grants to Puatex a privileged position in this sector.

  We use the most advanced technologies thanks to the application of an integrated and modern technology, specially developed and designed for the manufacturing of a wide range of reeds and warps, covering a big variety of looms.
 We produce special reeds for air jet looms as Tsudakoma, Picanol, Sulzer-Rutti and others, we also produce parts for clipping and projectile looms as Sulzer-Rutti, Somet, Picanol, Sauner, etc..

   Adaptation and versatility together with the constant development permits to offer you the highest quality reeds and the best output.

> It sells equipment and now form for the manufacture of textile combs.